Everyone loves a secret camping spot!

Everyone loves a secret camping spot

Easter 2021 was probably the best river camping spot our family has ever found:

  • Sandy Beach
  • Plenty of Shade
  • Good company
  • Heaps of fire wood
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Space for the kids to be kids, and the adults to not hear them
  • Dog friendly
  • More than one Offline Camper


  • Unfortunately no clear sun for solar

There was so much shade that the solar struggled to find a clear gap between the trees.  With 5 days of 38 deg weather and running all the electrical including freezers, the trailers were getting down.  We ended up having to top everthing up with a generator, at one point have three trailers charging off of the one generator.

Without the generator, running the car could have achieved the same thing, but you gotta do what you gotta do to keep the real coffee flowing.


Our little family tradition is for the kids to do an easter egg hunt around the camp site on Sunday morning. I’m not sure who enjoys it more, Jenna or the kids.

Overall a glorious trip spending time with friends and family and one of the best Murray River camp sites we have ever had.

Alas we will keep the location of this spot to ourselves.


Sam and Jenna